Number 2

I felt like writing something else. So far last week I learned the following interesting technical things that are good to share:

My mate Wally has put together this impressive ‘Where’s Wally‘ mashup, using what looks to me to be google maps and presumably lots of his own work to make a thing that tells us all where he is. I think it’s cool, and would like something similar for my bike, ideally using RFID tags and readers embedded in traffic lights throughout the capital.

I’m still loving my mini-cards. I think I’ve managed to get rid of 10 already! At the party I went to on Saturday several people had them, so I felt very current. Highly recommended. If someone wants my new to discount code thing first come first served.

I nearly bought a new laptop today.  It’s a 17″ toshiba from Morgan for sub £400. I think I’ll be spending a lot of time this week reviewing a potential purchase. 

Otherwise, this week I was introduced to The Foundry bar in Shoreditch. It was nice, plenty of space to stand outside, relatively cheap beer and as my mate Xuan eloquently described it a ‘Pretentiously un-pretentious’ place.  Be warned the website isn’t anywhere near as good as the bar, although it has a similar ‘low key decor’ berlin squat website feel.


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