Nice planet, I think I’ll vote for it.

Tomorrow I’ve decided to vote for the Green Party in the EU elections. It’s a big step, but the Labour party is self-destructing and I really don’t agree with lots of things they’re doing – Faith Schools, Academy Schools, privatisation of the Post-Office, failure to re-nationalise the railways and all PFI deals for starters.

I guess further progress towards socialist utopia will just have to wait until the Labour party is re-built from the ground up. This may take a while, but it’s going to happen eventually. In the meantime, it would seem like an excellent opportunity to do something about our highly important environmental situation. I quite like my planet, it annoys me when people mess it up. By my reckoning, if a single vote for the Green Party can do anything to protect our planet, then it’s worthwhile.

View the Green Party manifesto here. Happy voting!


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