Free Event Booking Systems

Today I discovered a new need I have – to be able to organise events using an online calendar system with functionality that goes beyond the standard google calendar, doodle or Outlook functionality. What I want is this:

  • Ability to have a web-page for the event (hosted somewhere for free) to display the details etc.
  • A button on the website to ‘request’ a place at the event, with submission of name/email etc.
  • Something that sends a ‘pending’ email to the applicant in the meantime.
  • Storage of the applications for a place at the event ‘somewhere’ on the internet (also free) until I have time to look at them.
  • A simple way of approving/rejecting requests, so that I can send confirmations to only the right number of people (and/or my chosen overbooking percentage!) and rejections/commiserations to those who didn’t manage to get a place.
  • Something that keeps all this information in a useable, google calendar type format with the correct public/private permissions.

Actually this is a very common need for ‘voluntary’ organisations, that have free events in spaces (rooms/lecture theatres etc.) with limited capacity (due to fire safety requirements) but don’t actually need to collect money, as they are subscription financed organisations.  I can’t believe that nobody has made a system like this before (that’s all free)! Certainly there are lots of type commercial players who will give you the service for $49, but actually I’d rather not pay for something I can make, hopefully, myself! Especially when it’s for a charity organisation to use –

Solution – isn’t quite finished (or even started yet), but it will look something like a google calendar/base mashup, doing some or all of the things listed above, at zero cost-ish.

In the interim my good friend Nikhil has pointed me to, which does all the ‘necessary functionality’, though doesn’t have the approve/reject option I’d like – it’s based on a small ticket price fee paying event model, very nice indeed! Also my good friend Mustafa suggested, which is similar and (for free events) seems to have a slightly more flexible interface.


One thought on “Free Event Booking Systems

  1. There are plenty of booking systems that provide this. We use Netamatix to process all of our online bookings for our vacation rental property.

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