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So today I was thinking about something really cool as I walked home. And I was going to write it on my blog. I don’t really have any words for it, but it’s kind of like when you reach into the unknown of your mind, searching for a method to do something you want doing (which you know what is) but you don’t know how to do it. Then like a flash of light, or a twinkle in your eye, or the clap of silent thunder in your mind, an outline of the answer appears. It’s like seeing the future in outline – though by no means a definitve, absolute and guaranteed future, just a vision of how it might be.

Then you try the thing that came to you in a flash. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it works, I find it to be one of the greatest feelings ever, when it doesn’t.. it’s just annoying. So two examples of when this happened and a useful tutorial on how to do bad stuff with dates stamped on files in windows XP.

To do: Change the created date on a windows XP file.

1)save your stuff, copy the file to somewhere you can mess with it

2)unplug your network cable (just incase the pesky network time service is running)

3)re-set the date and time to whenever you like – either using the clock in the bottom right hand corner of the start bar, or using dos (start|run|”cmd”) date and time commands

4)go to the copies of the files and put them in the recycle bin

5)restore the files from the recycle bin. The created date will now be the same as the current system date and time.

Date modified won’t have changed. There’s a neat little copy routine you can run (unfortunately I can’t find it right now, will add it tomorrow.)


The other cool thing was when I was building Arduinopower ( and i found a dry joint in the SPI data out pin. I observed a single spike to 5V now and then, with a capacitive decay signature on my oscilloscope, so diagnosed that the joint probably wasn’t good. Heated it up with the soldering iron, and afterwards it worked. Maybe it was obvious, but I thought it was pretty cool..


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