Energy Metering

Recently we had a work ‘Hackday’ – my project was to wire up pulsed electricity meters in my building and put together a simple foyer energy display based on an Arduino reading the pulses. I’m nearly there (I think) thought I’d share some of the highlights!

Plan of attack was roughly:

1)Investigate meters, check they have pulsed outputs (passed)

2)get some wire – 100M drum of 8 core white security cable seems to do the job just fine, I also bought some potting boxes, quite useful as I accidentally cut the cable in once place and it needed to be jointed!

3)Code for the arduino – write a little utility to read pulses and put out a signal on the serial port to indicate which meter pulsed. At the moment this is just a straight serial output, but I might change it to use Firmata

4)Code for the screen – haven’t done this bit yet!

So far it’s been fun!


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