And so the internet comes to my flat!

Last night I went to see the superb AIR play live in Geneva. Here’s a sneaky little photo that I took just before the finale. The show was amazing, very chilled out and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Some folks had cycled to the venue, and I saw the police inside the venue drinking coffee during the show. Cheers to Rachel and Florian for inviting me along!

It’s been a long time since my last post, as I’ve only been able to enjoy the pleasures of interweb access in the office. So since about 4 weeks ago, things have been going well!

My French has been improving somewhat as I’m now getting used to speaking it all day, I’d say about 70-80% of the work I do is in French. The desks for my office (I was using a table before) have now arrived, and I’m now in possession of my ‘dosimeter’, the little blue swipe card that measures the radiation dose when I’m in ‘radiation’ prone areas. So far I haven’t been in any of them, but I will need to in the future as I get the hang of my job. I was quite convinced by the radiation protection training course I attended, the maximum dose limit is 6mSv, which doesn’t seem that much to me – given that air crews are allowed to get up to 20mSv, and even a typical 7 hour long haul flight is 0.03mSv.

I’ve also been getting used to the cable TV in my flat. It’s got about 40 channels, though only three English language ones – CNBC, BBC ‘Entertainment’ and CNN. CNN is fairly standard, CNBC seems to be designed for individuals with ADHD (that’s ADD, but with better picture quality…). They commentate on stocks as if it was the 100 meters – and every 10 seconds they change the stock! It’s interesting to watch the progress of the S&P500 discussed live ‘as it happens’, but it isn’t really my thing. The BBC channel is possibly the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen. The shows seem to consist of ‘dramas’ which are about bad things happening to people, most of the characters (regardless of the show) seem to have a terminal brain disease that makes them pass out at in-opportune moments. Today I watched about 5 minutes of it, during which time 4 people (one normal man, one very fat woman, one very fat old man and a heavily pregnant woman) got stuck in a lift. The old man had a heart attack, the fat woman started to hyperventilate and you can guess what started to happen to the pregnant woman. The normal man turned out to be a nurse, so lucky for the other lift occupants I guess! Most of the other shows seem to involve people dying, estranged families (most of whom also seem to die), people cheating on their wives/husbands and generally bad things happening to everyone on the screen! Though I should say that Saturday appears to be “strictly come dancing” day, when they show it on repeat – with short breaks to show the weakest link. So basically I’m reading a lot of books.. go Kindle!

Very pleased with my flat, it’s only 10 minutes away from work on the bike – the other day I ran into (not literary) my boss at the traffic lights at the end of my road, a fair number of my colleagues seem to drive this way. We had a nice little chat through the window of his car, though he beat me to the office by about 5 minutes! I’ve got a bedroom, an office – soon to be a second bedroom, with a sofa bed on order from Ikea.  There is also a hallway and a living room/dining room, that I’m sitting in now!

Otherwise, I’ve started to look for a car – so far tried a really nice Infiniti coupe, but unfortunately I was too big to fit in it! Have been doing a tour of the local car dealerships to identify new makes & models that I can actually fit in. More photos next time – which will be soon.


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