Welcome to Geneva!

I just got back after the Christmas break, so I thought I’d put together a little summary of tips for traveling to Geneva.


Tip 1 – Free tickets! When you arrive and are waiting for your baggage, there are two ticket machines in the reclaim hall that give out 80 minute duration free TPG tickets valid for bus and tram. If you want to come to my flat, it’s best to get the bus to Blandonet (where there’s a big Co-Op) and change onto the tram, direction Meyrin Gravier – and stay on till the end of the line (about 10 mins). If you want to go directly to CERN you can pick up the 56 bus here (using the same ticket) and it’s about another 10 minutes. Busses are quite frequent. You can get to central Geneva by taking the tram the other way at Blandonet, which takes about 15 minutes to Cornavin, the main station.

Tip 2 – Fondu! I’ve tried a couple of places for fondu in Geneva. Les Bains du Paquis (ON the lake! Thanks for the recommendation Estel) and Cafe du Soleil, near the UN. Both were excellent and not that expensive. White wine is a good drink to go with it. Make sure you’re not already at your cheese-eating limit before starting.

Tip 3 – Things to do in Geneva? So far I don’t have much to add to this list. My colleagues have told me about a lot of stuff, but I haven’t tried it myself yet. On the prospective list are things like going to an Ice Hockey game in Servette. Something I have done is visit the Patek Philipe Watch museum. It was rather good, with a reasonable explanation of all aspects of watch making, and more luxury watches than you can shake a stick at. However, I did find all the watches they had made since 1960 to be rather similar and boring. It appears that all the innovation in mechanical watchmaking happened between 1700 and 1960. If you are at all interested in watches, or especially if you like jewelry and expensive stuff of that ilk, it’s well worth a visit.

Tip 4 – There is no tip 4 yet!


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