Miserable (weather)

I’ve spent the whole day inside today. It’s been cold, wet and dark for most of the last week.  Walking round in the cold dark wetness isn’t exactly exciting. Which I guess goes to show that it isn’t possible to move to a place with a perfect climate and a super job, and also that it’s much easier to be happy when the sun is shining and it’s warm outside! Or even when it’s cold and snowy.

Returning to work has been a bit of a shock to my system, especially after 2 weeks of less than strenuous activity involving primarily sleeping and eating. Since Wednesday I’ve been speaking French again, all day every day and getting up in the morning. We had some emergency stop testing (part of the fixed annual safety tests) on Saturday so I had a particularly early start (in work by 6AM!). The emergency stop system at CERN is fairly similar to most industrial safety systems, however due to the scale and complexity of the campus, testing is quite involved! Highlight of the tests was exploring the AD (Anti-proton Decelerator) facility again. I had a guided tour given by my friend Gorm when he was working on it as a summer student (he then went on to do his PhD on the experiment and is now Dr. Gorm!)

Today I’ve been mostly staying in the house making food, tidying up and setting up my various bits of computer gadgetry (my wifi had gone wonky over Christmas and I needed to set up my wireless print drivers). Fortunately I managed to get it all resolved without too much re-booting.  Otherwise, I recently watched the excellent Band of Brothers series which I picked up from HMV at T5 on my way back to Geneva. It was 10 hours of really amazing television, that actually made me feel excited just to watch it. Can’t recommend it highly enough if you haven’t already seen it! Also my friend Natalie’s dad worked on the production crew – so I saw his name in the credits which was cool.


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