How to win at project management

This week I became a project manager. It’s just another role, like managing budgets and doing calculations.

I never particularly wanted to be a project manager. If I did I would have studied business administration at uni and spent the last 6 years of my career “telling” people what to do. Rather than just occasionally suggesting things!

However, in life you don’t always get to do exactly what you want. Plus over the yearsI’ve spent a fair amount of time watching other project managers win, lose and draw. So here are my top five tips (for myself as much as anyone else) on how to be a winner not a loser.

1. Play the man, not the ball. Unless you are doing something really technical, chances are that putting the ball in the net isn’t actually that hard, but persuading your man to do it might be. That’s a real skill!

2. Find yourself a project partner. If you try to play good cop-bad cop on your own you will only come across as schizophrenic.

3. Make lists and colour them in. Green for good and red for bad.

4. Never forget that projects are often a zero sum game. If you give something away, you are unlikely to ever get it back. So choose wisely!

5. Nobody can concentrate for more than 50 minutes. Not even you! So when it comes to meetings, keep it short buddy.

Meeting closed 11.05pm.


2 thoughts on “How to win at project management

  1. spverma says:

    Very true when you say,”Play the man, not the ball”. An effective PM first has to be an effective people person to really get the team along towards the goal and get the stakeholder support.

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