Geneva Hit List…

So far my things to do in Geneva posts have been pretty lame. Time for improvement!

1. Go swim in the lake! I haven’t done it yet, but there are at least three options: Les Bains du Paquis, The beach and I think there’s the ‘Baby Beach’. It’s probably very cold which is why I haven’t done it yet.

2. Climb Le Saleve. It’s best done on foot, but you can also take the cable car – or drive up at night for an awesome sunset/panorama over Geneva. If you’re walking make sure you don’t get lost and end up at the top of Le Petit Saleve instead, it isn’t as exciting.

3. Go for a beer at Le Tiocan. There’s a nice community house/cafe there. It’s also worth noting that on hot days it’s up to 10 degrees cooler than the sweltering Geneva valley. Also a great place to launch a hike to Le Reculet. I think it’s doable by bike from Meyrin – if you’re in reasonable shape!

4. Cycle to Nyon! I did this back in 2005 as a summer student. Great memories of a fun day visiting the castle, stopping off at the Paleo festival and splashing about on the lake in a pedalo.

5. Botanical gardens – great for cold days!

6.The UN tour, if you’re here on weekdays…

7. Standing underneath the Geneva Airport runway on Route de Meyrin – best when the wind is blowing down the lake, as the planes come in right overhead!

8. Brunch in Carouge. I prefer Patiserie Wolfisberg because it’s reasonably priced and has plenty of seats. If you’re more organised and want something independent (and a bit more expensive) I recommend La Maison Calme…

9. The flea market in plain palais is always worth a visit with a camera. Saturday and Sunday mornings are best, before 12.

10. Beer! The molard microbrewery is rather good for a beer in the centre of town.

11. If you go up the right hand side of the lake there are pedalos for hire!

12. For a great view it’s worth climbing the tower of Geneva cathedral. It costs a few francs but is well worth it.

13. The Patek Philippe Watch Museum just off plain palais has a new exhibition on. It used to be free on Saturdays but I’m not sure if that’s still the case. Worth checking…



One thought on “Geneva Hit List…

  1. freshgreen says:

    ahem, add to number 1: if too cold or ur not in swim gear, at least dip ur feet in the lake…every day possible …in all seasons. my last dip was oct. 22 i think but ill do it again this year 🙂

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