Rum Poached Apples

First attempt at Sous-Vide cooking. Try at your own risk…

Apples poached sous-vide style

Not bad for a first attempt!

Temperature:65 degrees +/- 3 (to be modified in version 2 of the cooking apparatus once I get a PID controller)

Cooking time: 1 hour  20 mins approx.

Ingredients (per apple):

1 shot of dark rum

2 desert spoons of sugar

Ground Cinnamon – a couple of shakes

Ginger – just a sprinkling

1 desert spoon of raisins

50ml of water (ammended from 100ml, it was a bit too watery).

Oh and don’t forget to add 1 apple, peeled and cut into 8th’s (amended from quarters, the chunks were a bit too large)!

Put everything in a ziplock bag, squeeze out the air by sealing it more or less underwater, shake well and put in the sous-vide. I’m using a so far un-modified deep fat fryer filled with water. Serve in a bowl with the juice – remember to eat it using a spoon!

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4 thoughts on “Rum Poached Apples

  1. @ndy says:

    How did it taste?

    • pingu98 says:

      Still cooking… hence no photos of the finished article! I also put in a steak. 66 degrees average temp, 64 minimum an 67.5 max, no bad without a PID controller!

      • @ndy says:

        I’ve been reading up on Wikipedia. They mention a PID controller for converting a slow cooker of rice cooker so it might be useful for your fryer as well: I assume it works with a probe and a mains switcher or something.

      • pingu98 says:

        yeah, that’s the plan, or at least an option for mine. If i decide that closer temperature control is indeed necessary I’ll probably build my own PID out of an arduino, thermistor and some relays 🙂

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