Bread Machine Pizza Dough


My first home made pizza


Here’s the recipe I use for Pizza Dough in my bread machine. Use the Dough setting, which takes approx 90 minutes, the overall time is this plus about 5 minutes to add everything to the bread machine mixing bucket and 15 to make a batch of pizzas.

Simply put the bucket from your bread machine on the scales and tare it back to 0 after you’ve added each of the quantities by weight:

  • 500g flour. I normally mix some standard Tipo 45 grade with a bit of wholemeal and or seed bread flour
  • 330ml of water, gently warmed will make it rise more
  • 7g of dried yeast from a packet
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • A shake or two of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of castor sugar
  • Origano/Basil/Herbs to taste

When the machine beeps to show it’s finished tip out the bucket onto a large chopping board spread with flour and knead into pizza shapes. I find this recipe makes enough for 5/6 ‘one man’ sized pizzas. The next stage is key in the preparation of good-looking pizza:

Put each pizza base on an oversize sheet of greasewood paper before you add the tomato sauce (I use a supermarket brand with chopped peppers and black olives in it) and cheese. Normally I use one jar (350 grams) of tomato mix and 3 balls of mozzarella per batch of pizzas. Once the cheese and tomato have been added gently fold over the greasewood paper and freeze it for delicious home-made pizza anytime! Because the papers won’t stick to each other you can stack them in the freezer – though they might not freeze completely flat if you have a tower of them.

To cook, straight from frozen just open up the greasewood paper and add any fresh ingredients you want (ham/bacon bits/extra cheeses/fresh vegetables or tomatoes).

For an interesting variant, I can also recommend making your own Hawaiian pizzas with tinned pineapple rings and chunky ham.

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