I don’t often write to my head of state…


Way back in February, when Theresa May was over in Washington D.C. and even before she was having her hand held by a certain Donald Trump, she invited him to tea at Buckingham Palace. I didn’t get round to sending this letter when I first wrote it, but since the visit is still on the table, and the Queen is still on the throne, I thought I’d dig it out and send it. Here it is for your enjoyment, please feel free to copy/paste and send your own copies!

Her Majesty The Queen

Buckingham Palace

London SW1A 1AA United Kingdom,

30th May 2017

Dear Madam,

Regarding: The Invitation of Donald Trump on a State Visit to the United Kingdom

As a concerned citizen and subject I feel it is my duty to express my extreme unease at the invitation of United States President Donald Trump to the United Kingdom on a state visit. Based upon his previous public statements and actions since taking office, I do not consider that he would be a fit and appropriate guest of our nation. In my opinion his actions demonstrate that he is clearly an odious individual, of highly questionable character, who fails to demonstrate the necessary respect for human rights and the rule of law which we are fortunate to enjoy in this country.

Indeed, his public statements have on several occasions been extremely close to incitement to violence, encouraged the detention without trial of his political opponents and have frequently been extremely disrespectful to women, as well as religious and ethnic minorities. His refusal to unreservedly condemn torture is just one recent example of his disrespect for international law and treaties which have formed the bedrock of our peace and stability since the Second World War.

I appreciate that in our current situation as a nation we are in need of powerful friends abroad, both to ensure the security of our nation through agreements such as NATO, and with our forthcoming exit from the European Union creating the requirement for new trade deals to safeguard our economic prosperity. However, welcoming such an individual risks degrading the status of our nation, which is perhaps too high a price to pay.

I am in no doubt that you would be a most gracious and accommodating host, to guests of all nationalities and political persuasions as you have been in the past. Furthermore, I am not aware of any precedent where state visit invitations as issued by the government have been rescinded, yet given the growing turmoil in the United States after only a short period of his Presidency, I am convinced that in this case a new precedent of revocation would be fully justified and entirely appropriate. It is clearly not in our national interest to be associated with such a divisive individual, who seeks to build walls rather than bridges with his neighbours.

I urge you as the head of state to take all actions within your power as our sovereign to lobby, the elected representatives of your Government, whoever they may be after June 6th, to ensure that the invitation issued to the President of the United States for a state visit is rescinded at the earliest opportunity. We should not offer succour, less still an official welcome, to those who threaten or toy with the values of democracy, universal suffrage and tolerance which we hold to be the inalienable right of all those in our nation and beyond.

I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant,

James Devine

Note that the last, rather florid, part is protocol suggested by the The Royal Family’s website.


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