This is my blog. My name is James Devine. I’m an Electrical Engineer. Mostly here I write about interesting things I’ve learned and places I’ve been. My views are my own.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Gerard Webb says:

    we woudl like to use this for micro grids we are intending to build in Europe.

    I am an Architect ( and a hardware / software hackers).

    Please get back to me and i can show you how we woudl integrtae your design into the eco villages that are all on their own micro grid.

    The amount of work being done in this area is very exciting. Our project is also open source.

  2. Jonathas Rodrigues says:

    Good night Mr. Devine,

    I am a student (Network Telecommunications – Goias Federal Institute – http://www.ifgoias.edu.br/) and I am in a project to build a power meter shield based on arduino which uses the ADE7753. (cool project)

    Looking for something that has the same face of this project i found a website that has the diaries of your evolution (http://arduinopower.pbworks.com/w/page/10175892/FrontPage) and your blog and now I would like to know if you finished this project or how is this progress.

    And one more thing, since you shared the circuit diagram and the pcb layout, could you send me the source code so then i can analyse and implement it at my project. You’ll take all credit for this and a reference at the same.

    Thank you,

    Jonathas Rodrigues

    • pingu98 says:

      Hi Jonathas,

      Thanks for your message – yes that is indeed my project wiki. I haven’t made any progress since my last updates/blog posts on the subject due to life getting in the way (I met a girl, bought a house and moved to a new job in a new country…). I also gave the one nearly finished prototype back to the guys in my old company who had paid for the boards to be fabricated.

      As for source code, I’ll have a look to see what I can find over the next couple of days, but I don’t think it will be that useful to you. I didn’t get round to writing much more than a simple multi-byte read/write routine for arduino to communicate with the ADE7753 over SPI (or I2C.. whichever it is). This was more challenging than I initially expected, as the default routines in arduino don’t seem to cope with multi-byte transfers that well. The furthest I got was to take data in from the voltage and current inputs, however I didn’t manage to do any calibration – so the feed wasn’t very useful.

      Best of luck with your project – I look forward to seeing the results!


  3. Charly Pache says:

    Today in Geneva, lunch with Massimo Banzi. Please promote 🙂 http://techup.ch/950/lunch-with-massimo-banzi-of-arduino

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