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Ice Cream-mania!

Some of my friends have recently been treated to my new fad of home made ice cream! They were generally quite complimentary and nobody got ill after eating it, so I thought I’d reproduce the recipe here for the rest of the world to share – in a number of variants.

1)Office Chocolate (Yes, I make ice cream in the office without any specialist tools)
1 Pint of double cream
Whisk, fork or whipping implement (such as a milk frother for cappucino making)
Two bars of chocolate (100g each)
Microwave or hot drinks machine
A few sachets of sugar from the coffee point (not really necessary)
A mug
A tea spoon
Two small size ziplock bags
A friend to hold the ziplock bags open
Ice (freezer optional)
Bowl, if you’ve got one. A waterproof bag will do!

If you’ve got a hot drinks machine that serves hot chocolate, half fill a mug with it. Then break up the chocolate into squares and stir in. It should melt and produce a nice thick liquid chocolate mixture. I find 100g of chocolate + 1/2 mug of hot chocolate to be a reasonable amount. Pour 1/2 the cream into one of the bags, whip using the whipping implement. Then pour in the mug of chocolate and whip some more. Repeat with a second mug of chocolate into a second cream filled bag. The bags should each be about half full. Squeeze out any air and seal the zippers. Put the two bags of mixture in a bowl/bag/box that holds water and add the ice (as much as you can get hold of). Salt the ice generously (a couple of table spoons should be plenty) then shake it up a bit to distribute.

If you’ve got enough ice then it should solidify within 30-60 minutes. For best results bung it in a freezer as well, though this isn’t strictly necessary! Eat as soon as possible and remember not to get brain freeze.

2)Double Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream
As above, but add some gently crumbled chocolate cookies to each of the bags before pouring in the cream. The cookies shouldn’t be broken up too small (split each one into about 5 pieces), otherwise they’ll get a bit lost in the mixture. You could also add:
2a)Chopped marshmallows and cherries for that authentic rocky road taste
3)Maltesers – crush a few for best results
4)Crunchie bars (again best crushed)

5)Rum & Raisin
This needs a blender, some whipping cream, raisins and rum. Vanilla essence and icing sugar are also nice extra touches. Put a couple of handfuls of raisins in a bowl and cover them in Rum. 2-3 measures should do the trick, then leave to soak. Ideally they should soak for 30-40 minutes before proceeding to the next stage.
Pour about 1/4 of a pint of whipping cream to the blender and blend strongly till it’s a bit frothy. Add about 3/4 of a pint of double cream and a touch of icing sugar/vanilla essence if you want. Blend some more till it’s all well mixed and there’s plenty of air bubbles in the cream. Now pour in the rum from the raisins and add a handful of them to the mixture before blending it again till well mixed.
Split the remaining raisins between the two ziplock bags then pour the mixture in on top. Squeeze out any trapped air pockets then give them a shake to spread out the raisins. Add to a large quantity of ice, add some salt and shake/stir. Should be ready in about an hour – less if you can fit your ice+salt+ice cream pot into the freezer!

Half a punnet of strawberries, coarsely chopped into a bowl. Add about 2 shots of Vodka and a couple of table spoons of icing sugar, mush with a fork till there are only a few lumps of strawberry left. Leave to stand whilst adding 1/4 of a pint of whipping cream to the blender. Whisk it up till it’s frothy, then add 3/4 of a pint of double cream and blend some more. Add some vanilla essence (a teaspoon or less is plenty) then blend again. When you’re happy with the consistency add the strawberry/vodka/icing sugar mix and blend it all in – You could make strawberry ripple by just putting it into the bags and adding the mixture on top then shaking, but I’ll leave that up to you. Pour the mixture into two ziplock bags and ice/salt/freeze.

That’s all for now, at some point I’ll be experimenting with using stainless steel containers from Ikea that look ideal (from a fitting in the freezer/heat transfer optimisation/better to serve it out of than a plastic bag point of view) and a couple more flavours –
On the wish list right now:
White Chocolate and Cranberry
Almond and Cherry
(Basically it seems to work when you just add anything you like to a bag of cream and freeze it!)


PS. I should credit my sources – I think the victorians started it.
with the whole salted ice to freeze cream. I discovered it in response to a friend’s efforts to build a peltier powered ice cream maker (I thought I’d come up with a lower tech answer!).

Here’s a good tutorial/description from a chemistry perspective

And a nice video of the process that I found whilst looking for the above

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